“Content is still king, but it doesn’t mean it has to be king of just one thing.”

Yesterday, Mike introduced us to repurposing content (and his sweet dance moves). Today, I wanted to dive in a little further into what that repurposing would actually look like.

Let’s start with a blog post. It’s the medium most people think of when they hear content, and it’s probably how most content pieces start. The mistake happens when a blog post is also the end of that content’s life.  Let’s walk through 4 different ways you can repackage a blog post that extends its life and gets your more value for your work.

Break It Down To Bite-Sized Pieces

Your blog post is great. Really, it is. But no matter how great it is, not everyone is going to have the time to digest 1,500 words in one sitting.

Every blog posts can be broken down into bite-sized pieces that users can easily digest and share. Give them just the highlights  of the post so they feel like they’re walking away with something, like the main highlights, key quotes or stats. Then, they can opt in and decide to read the larger piece when they have the time.

These bite-sized chunks are also great for giving you content for your social profiles while still promoting your larger piece and driving traffic to your website. For example, take a key stat and design it into a small graphic to share on Facebook. If you’re on WordPress, Tweetable plugin makes it even easier by embedding “Tweet this” links into your content with pre-formed content users can share while they read.

Create An Email Campaign

Email is a huge way to repurpose (and promote) your content and drive more traffic to your site.

For example: Stitch Fix

It didn't convince me to change costumes, but it brought me to their site.
It didn’t convince me to change costumes, but it did bring me to their site.

I love what Stitch Fix did for two reasons. Not only was it cleverest Halloween email I received — “No tricks all treats” puns are just as bad as President’s Day tongue-in-cheek campaigns — but it used a blog post they had already written. They just jazzed it up with some personalized messaging (Bonus: They knew I  had bought the shirt they’re featuring) and used it as a vehicle to promote the rest of their blog post and outfits, something I never would have read, or found, without this email.

Some can argue that this isn’t really repurposing, it’s promoting, and that’s true, but you can also boil your blog post content down to the main points to use in the body of your email, driving people to “Read more” to finish the post.

Darren Rowse dives into specifics on an email marketing process, which I highly recommend checking out for more info.

Expand It To A Whitepaper Download

A blog post is great to scratch the surface of a topic, but there’s far more that you can say about it. Except, a blog isn’t the best place for all that text to read because few people will take the time to consume it.

Most blog posts can easily be expanded into a whitepaper that dives much deeper into that content piece. Yes, it’s going to take a good portion of resources to create, but chances are you have a whole group of related blog posts that could fit a general theme. With a little copy editing and design, you may end up only creating a couple of pages of new content for a 10-page whitepaper. Plus, you now have a vehicle to capture names and email addresses of potential customers.

Liven It Up As A Webinar

What’s better than reading a book? Watching that same book onscreen. (Except, of course, if it’s Game of Thrones. Or Harry Potter.) Every blog post you write can be turned into a webinar.

Webinars are great because just like whitepapers, it allows you to capture people’s contact information so they’re in the top of your sales and marketing funnel. From there, you can  give them more relatable content so they keep you top of mind when they’re  ready to make a purchasing decision.

Once it’s in webinar form, you have a lot of possibilities:

  • Share the slides on SlideShare
  • Record it and post it on YouTube or in Your Video Archive
  • Edited it down to a 1 1/2 minute promo video to tease the full webinar

What are some other ways you can repurpose content to get the most mileage out of your work?



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