For the search engine optimization professionals out there (read: SEO geeks), this one’s for you.

If you have a minute or two…Well let’s face it: With Open Site Explorer down some today (#SEOfactswhileOSEisdown) and some of SEOmoz’s other tools on the fritz this week, you probably have more than a few minutes to spare. It’s cool: Here’s something to occupy your time. And, it may brighten up your time at the keyboard.

When stuff hits the fan in the real world, it’s a “red alert.” But, what about at SEOmoz? Or in the SEO industry? We propose the “Rand Alert.”

Rand Alert – “Howdy SEOmoz fans! Look at this!”

Mac (.aiff) & Windows (.wav) audio

Here’s how to change it to your alert sound for Mac and Windows

Adding an alert sound on OSX (Mac)

OSX uses the .aiff format for their alert audio files. You may find these sound files online, but if you wish to use your own audio files, you’ll have to convert them to the .aiff format. I will cover that process later, but first you must learn how to add this file to your Mac.

  1. Open to the desktop and click in a free space so Finder is on the top bar.
  2. Click the “Go” button on the Finder bar to reveal a drop down menu of your system’s folders.
  3. While the drop down menu is still shown press the “option” key on the keyboard to reveal the “Library” folder in the drop down menu.
  4. While holding the “option” key, click Library to open that folder.
  5. Once in the Library folder, scroll down till you find the Sounds folder, shown here:
  6.   This will be the folder that you’ll place the rand-alert.aiff sound file. Simply drag and drop the file to this folder.
  7.   Once you’ve added your sound file. Click the Apple button on the top left hand side of your desktop and click System Preferences.
  8. With the System Preferences window open click the sounds icon, which will show the list of alerts on your Mac.
  9.  From there select the “rand-alert” option and hurray, you have a “Rand alert!” to warn you when your computer needs your attention.

Changing computer sounds on Windows 7

  1. From there, click control panel then find the Sounds, Speech, and Audio devices list. If you cannot find this, simply go to the search bar in the window and type Sound.
  2. Click the sound tab and you should see a list of sound schemes.
  3. To use “Rand-alert.wav”go to the Program Events list in the Sound tab.
  4. Find the “Critical Stop” in the list, which we’ll assign “rand-alert.wav” to.
  5. Click “browse” and navigate to where you saved “rand-alert.wav” Click on it to assign it.’
  6. Once you’re finished, click Apply and you now have “Rand alert!” to warn you when your computer needs your attention.

If that doesn’t do the trick while OSE is down, you could always create some fun content and hope it goes viral.


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