Google’s big announcement this week is that its search engine can now index text inside Flash files.  This is a pretty big deal because Flash has always been a real detriment to search engine rankings.  Web sites that want to go all-Flash have a difficult time getting ranked well, unless they put HTML content below the Flash version of the site, which ends up looking extremely ugly.  For example:

ugly web site

Yuck!!  Who wants their Web site to look like that?

Thankfully Google’s move to index the text in Flash files should help deter the needs to do these things.  It is still unclear how well Google will rank the content, and also whether Google will be able to differentiate between pages inside an all-Flash Web site (because even though an all-Flash Web site may appear to have several pages to the user, it is really all one big Flash file).

It will also be interesting to see if some Search Engine Optimization experts try to stuff extra keywords onto pages now by adding long Flash movies that have a bunch of  text content in them.

Regardless, this is a good step forward for Flash designers!


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