So as discussed in my previous post “Peter Brownstein as a Ghoul thanks to Scream Team“,
I stated that I would make an effort to put up some pictures of myself without the halloween costume.  By doing so, people who do not know me can get an idea of what I look like and compare it to the latex mask.

I was going to look for some pictures on my computer, but it turns out that as a company, we have recently taken pictures for our holiday card.  This year’s idea was to take fun glamour shots of everyone in the company
and use each one on the cover the holiday card.  Well as you can imagine, everyone had a lot of fun taking over-the-top glamour shots as many props and costumes were thrown around.  Unfortunately, I got tied up in
work and was not able to make it to the shoot.  So after everyone had left, I got another camera and with some help, I was able to get many pictures for the holiday card.  Since I was not sure what I wanted to do,
I decided to use all of the left over props and take as many as I could.  This way our marketing department had plenty to work with.  Well, as you can imagine, they will only be using one and thus I have many ridiculous
images of myself which I can now post here for your viewing pleasure.

So enjoy the pics and feel free to laugh and make fun of them as much as you like.  Also, if anyone has any opinions on what they believe is the most
ridiculous, let me know.  Keep in mind that we will be manipulating the images, so the magic looking one could have an orb floating above my hand with doves bursting out of the background.  If there is a popular one then 
I will see if I can get it on the holiday card for this year.  

As for the rest of the other employee glamour shots…well you will have to wait until after the holidays.  I will say that a good majority of them are brilliant.


Peter is a software developer at 352.