Lolcat: Wikipedia calls it “an image macro featuring a photograph of a cat with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption” while (so cleverly named, or so my stomach agrees around lunchtime) elaborates to inform us that specifically, lolcats started many years ago on anonymous forums, most prominently called the *chans. Supposedly, the practice of posting and the actual type of these images was termed “Caturday”. This word has since detached from it’s original context, grown, and evolved into different terms like lolcats, lolrus, loldog and splintered into varying sub-memes and sub-sub-memes which employ different grammatical patterns, different “The practice of captioning, contexts, and sometimes even merges memes.”

Note: When you realize that, nope, those descriptions still don’t even make sense, go to to see examples of my pet peeve in all their glory.

But why on earth is lolcatting (ooh, I made it a verb!) so popular all of a sudden? There are even offshoots of lolcats, such as the ever witty lol80’s.

C’mon, fellow webizens… is a picture of a cat in a file box really that funny? A bunny with it’s jaws wide open? Tiny dog asleep on your crotch?

Granted, cats and small furry animals are generally adorable – unless they’re fuzzy b/c they’re moldy — and research shows that pets are good for health. But this isn’t even a pet, it’s a picture of a fuzzy animal with a silly, poorly spelled caption!

And, oh, the captions! “Happy cat has run out of happy.” “O hay guys it wuzn’t decaf liek u said” “LOL he f-a-r-t-i-d”. The captions read like I locked a first grader in a room with a capuchin monkey and a trained parrot and told them they wouldn’t get any banana bits until the wittiest captions they could all agree on were posted for my pleasure.

AND YET! Loathe them as I may, there are times… late in the evening when I’ve been at work too long… when I’m roused by the ping of an IM from a friend…

…And I read the domain the link goes to to make sure it’s something I’m willing to spend 20 seconds on…

… and I see it goes to a notorious lolcat site…

… and i sigh, and think how stupid lolcats are…

… and click the d**n link anyways.

And then I giggle. Briefly, like a 12 year old. Because I’m staring at a baby iguana in a teacup with the caption “Xtra protine en thuh morning.”

And then I am ashamed of myself. And the rest of humanity. So very ashamed…


Caroline Blake is a Partner in 352 and a member of the company's senior leadership team. As a 17-year veteran, Caroline oversees the company's finances, accounting and employee benefits. She is also a Certified Scrum Master and has lead several departments within 352 during her tenure.