This one falls under the category of “no duh.” 

This amazing new study had some earth-shattering findings.  Turns out people spend half of their time online looking at stuff, and the other half actually doing crap.  Wow, huh?

This can’t be too much of a surprise to anyone that has been on the web the past couple of years.  Anyone can see that the big rise has been in blogs, video sites, social networking, news aggregators, etc, etc, etc.  Those types of sites are popping up much faster than new e-commerce sites.

It is actually pretty interesting being in the business to see what types of leads we get.  After ebay, everyone would call us with $10,000 looking for us to create them a new ebay.  Then it was search engines.  Then music sites.  Then, and still, myspace.  Here’s how that typical conversation goes:

lead: “I’m looking to create a site like myspace [or ebay or google].”

our sales staff: “great, tell me a little more about what your site will do.”

lead: “well, all of that stuff that myspace does.”

sales: “of course.  But what makes yours unique?”

lead: “not sure I follow.  You see, myspace is worth a billion dollars, and I’d like a site like that.”

sales: “Fair enough, but I guess I’m just trying to determine how exactly your idea is different.  For example, Myspace goes after the teen market.  Is this a myspace for retirees?  For military veterans?  You see what I’m saying?”

lead: “Ah, yes.  That is a good idea.  Any suggestions?”

sales: “Not exactly what we do.  Why don’t you call when you figure that part out.  By the way, what is your budget for this project?”

lead: “about $6,000.”

sales:  “Do you have any idea how much myspace cost to develop?  They have a staff of…you know, nevermind.  I’m going to go shoot myself now.”

and, scene.


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