352 Media Group have “Mac Deckey”, Short for “Declan” and I pronounce it “DECK-lann”. Anglicized form of Irish Deaglán, for those who are not quite sure how to say my name. So at the weekend I went out a purchased an iMac 24” and a Mac book Pro . They say that Mac users have an air of smugness about them, and I have to say that it is completely true. Since Saturday, I have been bizarrely more self-satisfied than I normally would be.

I cant wait to sit in Starbucks listening to my iPod my Mac Book open with a text book of some sort in front of me. I never understood how those people could multi-task, music, reading and working on their Mac’s. Now I do, I have joined the club. I’m one of the special people just like them, who I’d mock repeatedly each morning while waiting on my grande soy latte. However, Im writing this on my PC so I had to use the remote control to turn down the Irish radio station I listen to each morning to get the news, so I still have some work to do on the multitasking.

As more and more users are converting to Mac and to further my personal development, I thought – no! It was my responsibility to join the Mac revolution and see what all the hype was about. It is more important to me to know how and why stuff happens in a specific environment, as I need the hands on approach to truly learn how something works, so I can be clued-up when speaking to clients.

As of writing this one of the big features I like, is the lack of electrical leads / cables for the Mac, the USB ports are out of the way not where my mouse is, the set up was so easy the wifi just worked, removing programs – just drop them into the rubbish bin, the widgets for the dashboard (which I believe Vista has), and yes the wireless remote I love it. Im sure I will find many things I don’t like very soon, but the sleek sexy exterior will overcome that, yes to me looks do matter, how could I be mad at something so beautiful.

Some of you may not know I started my career about 10 years ago as a web designer in Ireland, I was terrible as I had no design or programming ability but I have a very real understanding how these things work, so I guess account management was the best route to further my career in web development. I needed a machine to get back playing with all things webby, pull them apart test them so I could deem if mash ups of existing applications could be joined together to make a new feature applicable for my clients.

So here’s my opinion I believe the future of the web lays in 2 places “rich Internet applications for the desktop” I have been advised that Microsoft’s Silver-light applications will perform these desktop applications which is good news for our company as were currently using it. In addition, the mobile web, by 2009 it is predicted that there will be 3 billion mobile phones worldwide. However its such an grey area at the moment, with more than 40 mobile browsers and 160 devices, this is not an easy task, but it should at least be considered by clients as a medium to promote their business. With web technologies and standards always improving , the mobile web will come into its own and you as a web site owner should get in their now and stake your claim.


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