Awhile back I wrote a post called “The Great Domain Name Scam,” about squatters that sit on high profile misspellings of domain names (like, oh,  In a nutshell, they get a ton of traffic from people mistyping the domain they’re trying to go to, and then they profit from confused surfers clicking on links on the site that are actually Ads. 

Well thanks to google adwords, these online profiteers will take a big hit in the wallet.  Sorry, Kevin Ham (editors note: I’m not really sorry).

In a very unselfish move that will mean a drop in clicks to their ads, Google is pulling their ads from sites suspected of domain name “tasting.”  In that particular scam, people buy a domain name, put up ads for 5 days, and then return the name within the allowed grace period for a full refund. 

While this doesn’t tackle the bigger problem of the misspelled names, but it’s a great start.  Yahoo has launched a similar effort of their own already.  By not monetizing these and other scams, it should result in a better surfing experience for the average user.  That of course is a utopian dream, because scammers will just think of the next great heist.  Hopefully big players like Yahoo and Google will stay on top of them though, as they have in this case.

Cheers, Google.


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