Remember during the summer of 2011 when Google announced that it was launching their social networking service? The buzz around that time was Google+ would be the thing that over takes Facebook as the dominate social networking service with their slogan, “Real-life sharing rethought for the web.”

However, after the initial wave of users to their network, many “Google+ die hard fans” migrated back on to Facebook as majority of their friends and family just didn’t want to transition to something new. This was when the social stigma of Google+ started to set in and people would say how Google failed trying to get into the social networking game. Fast track to January 28, 2013 and you’ll hear that Google+ became the 2nd biggest social network surpassing Twitter.

Global Web Index on social networks

Credit to Global Web Index

While it still trails behind Facebook by about 25% of global Internet users, it’s quickly becoming a serious contender in the social network industry. What happened that made Google+ come back after its so called flop? Google is what happened. Google+ started to be integrated into almost all aspects of Google, most notable better search rankings for users and content sharing on a platform that’s already a majority of individuals homepage or search engine. It’s a no-brainer why Google+ took rank #2 and has a healthy future to look towards as it’s starting to become widely accepted for businesses and content creators to use. Better dust off the cobwebs from your Google+ profile and start leveraging the 343 million active users.
Photo Credit: west.m via Compfight cc


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