If you’re getting the error “Your Location Could not be Determined” problem with your iPod Touch, follow these steps to get it sorted.

Step 1

Go to Skyhooks website and check if your area is covered.  Type your postal address in the field under the map and click “Find It” It will give you a result, if you’re successful it will display your address along with your long / lat info, (take note of these details).

Step 2
You will need your Mac address (that your router broadcasts) the easiest non techie way to do this is download (make sure you have your wifi turned on — start -> control panel -> Network connections ->  right Click and Enable wireless) Once this is done it will display your Mac address (take note of this address)

Step 3

Open your email application

Type in your Long / lat from step 1, type in your Mac address from step 2 and email it to

They will put it into the system for processing. Currently it can take a few weeks for it to show up on Apple’s servers.

Even if don’t have an iPod touch, do it anyway, as I get lost all the time and it would be helpful to know where I am,  Hope this info helps.


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