I think one of the problems we have as a custom design and development agency is Design and Programming sign off – now programming is more straight forward the application either does something or doesn’t, e.g. an online email form has 10 fields of information and it is mailed to a specific email address – Now here is the problem, the online form needs laid out on the page so it looks nice. I’m sure there is 100 ways of doing it, but there is only one that the client will like, so here is what I think, — bring it back to basics ask them to take a pen and a piece of paper and actually draw the layout of the page so we the agency fully understand what the client is thinking.

See example.

Note: this is why im not a designer.

By making it very simple for the client to get their idea across we can make our jobs so much easier, not everyone can use Photoshop, but everyone should be able to use a pen and paper and draw a picture. This is not applicable for all projects but could prove to be worthwhile in some instances.


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