So November last year I purchased my first Steve Jobs piece of Technology from Best Buy a  ”80gb iPod”. As I have mentioned in another posts I had high hopes of traveling back to the mother land (Ireland) where one of our fearless leaders “Peter” is on holidays at the moment (im jealous). It turns out both our families come from the same area in Tyrone, small world which brings me on to my next small world item – yesterday I got email from a company in Ireland asking for web design it turns out I actually knew the guy. He tried to hire my Bungee Jumping Company for a Regatta in the south of Ireland a few years back – strange but true. So always be nice to those people you meet as you don’t know where they will pop up again. By the way when I asked why America and not Ireland for his project to be built he said it was simple “the Euro is so strong at the moment he can save so much money by getting an American firm to build the site” – are we becoming the new India????

So back to Best Buy when purchasing the iPod in Florida, the young lady suggested that I get the Best Buy insurance – $60 for 3 years, as the iPods have a habit of breaking after 18 months. I didn’t like her tone, but I bought it anyway and applauded her for up-selling me. Turns out she was right, but off by 9 months.

I dropped my broken iPod off to my local best Buy in Brighton. They gave me 2 options get a refurbished iPod in a week or have mine fixed in approx 3 weeks. I opted for the 1 week option, but then realized that I didn’t want another person’s broken iPod that was fixed and then shipped to me. I wanted my own that I grown to love. So in the five minutes it took to me to change my mind, the Geek Squad employee had added my details to his system. I promptly advised him of my change of heart and my reasons to which he exclaimed sorry our systems will not allow us to reverse the order – stunned I asked why? His reply was that’s how it is… management won’t allow us to change it in the system, management have to do this manually it takes 5 business days so…. I was fine with this as he promised me he would get it sorted.

I took him at his word, gave him my new Michigan address, new landline number, and new mobile number and to boot one of our sexy business cards so he didn’t get it wrong – “I DID NOT WANT SOMEONE ELSE’S REFURBISHED IPOD”.

Last night I called Best Buy to follow up as I hadn’t heard anything in 3 weeks, a nice lady over there told me it was in the store and it had been for 5 days. I had gotten no phone call to say it was in, but I overlooked that, as it was there and fixed. I was then handed over to a man “I assume a geek squad employee” I asked him a few questions like why I wasn’t called? why it wasn’t posted to my address? and was it my iPod? He said that they didn’t have my phone number, or address and it was a refurbished iPod. I nearly…. Well let’s just say I wasn’t overcome with joy!

I asked for the manager’s name so I could come and see them and discuss this faux-pas. Now I could have taken the route of chewing the face of him because of the blunder. But it wasn’t his mistake it was best buys and their internal policies – which I understand do have to be in place. But should somewhat favour the customer.

< hypothetical >”imagine you went to a vet with a sick budgie and they gave you different budgie after 2 weeks, because it was vet policy to give you any budgie as long as it was a budgie – but you specified that you wanted the budgie you admitted in the first place ” < /hypothetical >

Some people may think that’s funny and it is … but that’s not how it should be. If I give you a faulty piece of equipment with specific instructions that I want MY IPOD fixed that’s what I want to happen.

This is my friend’s boils down to 2 things in my books …

1. I believe when in a business you should think of the long term – how much is this person worth to me over a life time? Not how much is this deal worth now. I hate sales people that sell you something and run and are never heard off again. (Like when I brought a new car in Honda of Ocala).

2. I think that’s one of the greatest things about our company we don’t have sales targets to meet so therefore we are not under pressure to bang out a million in sales per quarter. We don’t fall into the trap of “sell anything to anyone no matter if it’s the right solution or not” or low ball them to get them in the door and screw them down the line.

So tonight im going to go to best buy and speak to them and see if they have the same ideologies’ as me – “a client is for life not just for Christmas”.

I will keep you posted.


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