You don’t often see competitors discussing intimate details of their businesses, but that’s exactly what four digital agencies are doing this week.

Florida-based 352 Media Group heads to Indianapolis April 16-18 to meet with SpinWeb, SmallBox and Roundpeg for an idea share on internal processes and business best practices.

‘Sure we’re all competitors, but we recognize there is a ton of potential business out there,’ said Geoff Wilson, president and CEO of 352 Media Group. ‘If we help each other get better, we all benefit.’

The idea spurred when Wilson met the other three owners ‘ Michael Reynolds of SpinWeb, Jeb Banner of SmallBox and Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg ‘ at Digital Mastermind, a group that brings digital agency owners together.

‘In my 17 years of digital marketing, I’ve learned that the best ideas often come from getting outside your comfort zone and interacting with other people who do things differently,’ Reynolds said.

The four agencies will discuss various aspects of their businesses, including business development, culture building, structure and more.

‘The digital industry is filled with change,’ Ball said. ‘There is no course you can take or book you buy. Events like this help us stay ahead of the curve.’

‘To have a healthy industry, we need healthy competition,’ Banner said. ‘In sharing our successes and struggles openly, we can all grow. Plus, we really like all the people involved and thought it’d be fun to hang out.’

Follow the event using the hashtag #indydmg.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Erin Everhart, Director of Digital Marketing, 352 Media Group, 877-352-6332,

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