I came across this post FireFox aims for download record this morning on the BBC website.

“Version 3 of the popular FireFox web browser is going on general release on 17 June.”

you can see a preview of Version 3 by clicking here . I will most likely download version 3 June 17th just to say I was part of something interesting.

To be honest I don’t use FireFox as much as I should, I use IE most of the time, but I do have FF installed and keep it open most of the day as I use it for work related stuff such as our CRM system or Support website.  FF does have some cool features and plug-ins, my personal favourite is the web developer toolbar

But the most interesting fact I seen the the article is the web browser stats
IE – 83.27%
FF – 13.76%
Safari – 2.18%
Opera – 0.55%
Netscape – 0.14%
Source: OneStat

Microsoft still has the lions share of web browsers out on the market, but based on these figures I have to assume with the amount of Macs on market at the moment that their users must be using FireFox as the main browser (I know I do on the Mac I use — occasionally).   But People are still using Netscape I haven’t seen that browser in years.


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