I’ve never been a fan of  I have nothing against those who twit.  I have friends that tweet all the time.  It just doesn’t do it for me.

The story has been the same for awhile.  Whenever something like twitter comes along, there are invariably clones that follow.  Sites that have no distinct difference from the predecessor, but still hope to cash in on someone else’s idea.  Every now and again, the clone does something better.  It’s rare.  Kind of like Rocky IV.  

In this case, it’s  On it’s face it the same…equally annoying name (their tag line is “be herd”), ability to post “micro-blogs” about what you’re up to, mobile capabilities.  But that’s where utterz seems to go a step further.  No only can you text in an utter.  You can send in video, pics,  and voice files from your phone.

To me this small addition is a big step up from twitter.  There you read insights like “Sweet. Another bus just got here.”  Now you can show people a video of the bus pulling up! 

OK, bad example.  But it will be much better for business scenarios like conferences where people constantly blog, twit, or whatever about cool new gadgets or technologies.  Now you can share those things in a much more interactive way.

Regardless I won’t be doing it anytime soon.  But if it’s your thing, twit or utter away!


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