So I’m writing this post via a machine that recognizes eye movement and turns that in to characters on the screen, ala Stephen Hawking.  While that is in no way true, it would be awesome.  That’s because I just got back from the gym, and my eyes are about the only thing now sore.

I go to the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center (nice web site, but for some reason we didn’t do it, even though we’ve been corporate members of theirs for years now.  odd really).  It’s a great place, and specifically I love what they call “the line.”  It’s basically a row of machines that target about 10 key muscle groups all over the body.  You have a card that keeps your weight level, seat height, etc.  They have staff that sets up all of the machines down the row for you, which is awesome.So that’s great on its own, but then I was introduced to the “power line.”  Same as the line, but in between each machine they torture you with some methods only Donald Rumsfeld could’ve dreamt up.  Doing a wall sit for two minutes with a pilates ring balanced between your knees and a medicine ball held in front of you, or these god awful “diamond pushups.”  My point is, as much as I hurt, it’s awesome. 

And free with the price of admission.  So why pay for a personal trainer?  I’m on a set schedule there where I get the same people helping me every time, which is great.  Sure, I’m still fat, and they haven’t yet found a cure for lazy, but I’m making noticable progress (and my stats on the company softball team have improved.  Coincidence?).

So why aren’t we doing their Web site?  I guess they are pleased with the service they get from one of our local competitors.  And that’s fine.  I hold no ill will towards the competition.  I just wish us better will, which is kinda the same I guess.  But I won’t hang up on you if you do decide to call, Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers.  1-877-352-MEDIA (dial the extra letter for luck!).


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