Last week, Facebook announced a new partnership with the
Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers,
DirectEmployers Association, and the National Association of State Workforce
Agencies to create a new venture called the Social Jobs Partnership. The
Social Jobs Partnership provides its Facebook fans with links to its partnering
sites, as well as other sites job seekers may find valuable. For example, My Skills My Future, one of the
companies featured on the Social Jobs Partnership Facebook page, helps job
seekers who are looking to change careers decide what careers they may be
qualified for based on their current skill set.

Eventually, the project may feature a jobs posting system
available directly through the social network. While recruiters
and employers seem to like Facebook over LinkedIn
as a way to interact with
prospective employees, job seekers (at least survey responders from Europe)
prefer connecting with prospective employers using LinkedIn. The reason? These
job seekers think Facebook isn’t the right place to be interacting with
professionals and feel uncomfortable sharing any private information with
companies and recruiters.

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I tend to agree with them. I wouldn’t want prospective
employers talking with me through Facebook, and I’m pretty sure the majority of
my peers would agree. How many people do you know who have changed their
Facebook profile name to something other than their real name, say switching
out their last name for their middle name? They’re doing that to avoid having
potential employers find them on Facebook. If Facebook users don’t even want
their profile names, not even the information in their profile, accessible to
prospective employers, do you really think users will want to interact with
companies online?

Another point to consider is there’s already a social
network out there that allows recruiters and employers to interact with
prospective employees. Ever heard of LinkedIn? Apparently Facebook is trying steal
upon another social media site’s idea

I’m not trying to hate on Facebook completely, but I think
it needs to take a step back and continue being good at what it does so well
already: allowing users to interact with old classmates, friends, and family
members. As someone who spent more than a year searching for a job, the idea of
someday interacting with recruiters and companies on Facebook is unappealing.
Let’s keep our Facebook profiles personal and leave the professional social
networking to LinkedIn, shall we?

do you think? Should Facebook become the new place job seekers turn to find
jobs? Why or why not?


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