pretty pretty princessRemember the scene in Ferris Bueller’s day off when he went to a baseball game with his “sick” friend and “grieving” girlfriend?  He was shown on TV catching a foul ball, and was almost caught by the school’s principal who was watching the game.  Well there was another similar incident last week, and let’s just say the principal was watching.

So an intern at a bank called in sick on halloween due to a family emergency.  His skeptical boss checked out his page to find a fresh picture of him in a lovely fairy costume, with a magic wand in one hand an a cold can of Busch Light in the other.  Classic. 

What’s great about this story is not just that the kid got caught, but that it’s become one of those internet celebrity things overnight.  Not really the photo you want to become famous for.  For the rest of his life when his potential employers google his name, which you know they will, they’ll find this story. 

You can read the full story, see the boss’ emails, and admire the pretty pictures here.

Another interesting note… conducted a survey and found that 1/3 of employees lied about being sick.  I don’t know about you, but that seems low to me.  I do know that a few more employees will think twice about chronicling their escapades on their blog.


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