SocialNewsDesk is a social media management software tool designed specifically to help newsrooms and media organizations connect with their audiences, but now it’s being used to help people share their thoughts with victims of Monday’s tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

Through Facebook, media organizations can use SocialNewsDesk’s “Hope for the Heartland” app to let their viewers and fans send messages of condolences to those affected by the massive tornado through a virtual card. The plugin will allow users to choose to share their message on the air or through the organization’s social media.

352 helped build SocialNewsDesk to help newsrooms manage the huge amounts of data they create each day and to connect to their viewers and listeners. We never imagined they’d use the same technology to help some viewers around the nation connect with loved ones and victims in a small town in Oklahoma.

“Our strength as a company is that we are former news people ourselves,” said Kim Wilson, founder of SocialNewsDesk. “So when news of the tornado destruction hit, we instantly started thinking of ways we could use our technology to enhance our newsroom clients’ coverage of the event. And this is what we came up with.”

It’s always a pleasure to see our clients use the tools we’ve built to make the world a better place, but after such a tragedy, we’re just happy that SocialNewsDesk can help deliver a little bit of comfort after such a harrowing event.

Check your local media on Facebook to see if you can connect with Oklahoma tornado victims, or visit the Red Cross to see how you can help the residents of Moore back on their feet.

Image via Unsplash and Alejandro Escamilla


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