Gold Star for Web DesignEveryone here at 352 knows that we have some of the best designers around.  I’m constantly impressed with the quality of work that we churn out.  The halls of our office are lined with current and recently launched products so it’s hard to forget the caliber of our designers.  Of course it’s easy for me to say this ’cause it’s pretty difficult to get customers if I openly say otherwise. 

For a little objective perspective, we recently finished an initial design for one of my clients (ISC)2.  They came to us for a variety of reasons but an important need was a new and fresh look to their site.   Here is verbatim an email from my contact over there: 

Overall, not one negative comment from any area of the company, including management, sales and marketing. Here are a few of the responses:

“It’s so sharp; I can’t stop looking at it!”
“I really like it.”
“I can’t believe this is going to be our Website!” 
“I LOVE IT!!!”
“Wow…this is very nice!  I’m impressed!  …they did a great job in keeping our existing color scheme, yet incorporating the new look and feel that we have in our marketing materials with the white background.  And I love the 3D look that it has!  Overall, it looks very clean, fresh, polished, and quite pleasing to the eye (versus the old site).”

I wish I could show the actual designs, they truely are fantastic.  Stay tuned, I’ll be bloging about the launch.  Given the scope of the whole project it’s hard to say when that will be, so you’ll just have to come back everyday until then. Big ups to the whole team but extra props to Adam Davis who was the designer. 

More to come….


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