By now you probably know that our company was heads-down on internal projects last week for our annual Race to 3:52. Internally, our teams put a lot of preparation and long hours into what we accomplished during the week. But, like any great team, we had a lot of support behind the scenes to help us make our Race Week a success.

So here’s a shout-out to all of our neighbors and friends that helped us out throughout the week.

Special Effects Provided By:

As you saw in yesterday’s Race to 3:52 Recap, we shot a lot of video. Like, a ton. While our little green room has served us well in the past, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Gainesville generously offered to let one of our teams use its recording studio during the week. This allowed us to film more than a dozen short videos during the Race. Thanks to New Horizons we have studio-quality video and more importantly, lighting. Seriously, filming a whiteboard without getting a glare is an art form.


Real people, real problems. Real solutions.
Real people, real problems. Real solutions.

Fueled By:

A week of hard work requires a lot of nourishment. We’d like to thank Gotta Have It food truck for bringing us a delicious lunch on Friday and World of Beer in Tioga Town Center for providing those frosty, refreshing beverages, allowing us to film on-location for our How Real People Use Search Engines project, and for providing a place for us to celebrate our work at the end of the week.

Agility provided By:

We like to cut loose now and then, so this year we took over our neighbor, Sun Country Sports Center in Gainesville, for our annual Field Day event. Normally reserved for kids’ summer camps, Sun Country was incredibly welcoming with its facilities. It’s not every day that 30 adults get to chase balloons around on a bouncy gymnastics floor – probably for good reason.


The 5th (some might say last) placed team eagerly snatches a 2nd place gymnastics trophy off the wall.
The 5th (some might say last) placed team eagerly snatches a 2nd place gymnastics trophy off the wall.

Cute-Factor Provided By:

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay partnered with us this week and let us work (and play) with dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. They also allowed us to use their facility for filming and helped us select the animals that would star in our videos. Many thanks to both the animals and human volunteers at the Humane Society for allowing us to take over for a few days and leverage the cuteness of puppies and kittens to help teach the world about digital. You can learn more about the adoptable animals featured in Digital Paws by visiting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.


Strength Provided By:

Gainesville Health & Fitness Center in the Town of Tioga graciously allowed one of our teams to film and survey some of its members for our How Real People Use Search Engines project throughout the week. And we’d like to offer a special thank you to GHFC Communications Specialist Mindy Miller for spending a day with us on Friday to shoot staff photos and document the final day of the Race.

Inspiration Provided by:

A few months ago our leadership team visited Indianapolis for a week and met with a digital agency called SmallBox, among others. Small Box shared the idea of closing up shop for a week to focus on internal projects, and we’re eternally grateful. Historically, the Race to 3:52 was a one-day event for our staff to churn out something cool and exciting. The results from this year’s Race have exceeded our wildest expectations, and we want to thank SmallBox for inspiring us and giving us the courage to take a week to see what we can build on our own. The Race to 3:52 was rewarding, challenging and incredibly fruitful – and we’re ecstatic to see what we can pull off next time.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us this week. The Race to 3:52 wouldn’t have been a success without you!


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