My friend Brian, who is a technical evangelist at Microsoft (was Tammy Faye a nontechnical evangelist?), passed along this great video he and his cohort, Dan Fernandez, created for MSDN’s Channel 9. 

They’re looking for a name for the show.  My suggestion?  “The Bran Fernkeller Program.”  Just flows well.  And it pays tribute to the Bennifers and Brangelinas of the world.  They obviously appreciate entertainment news, judging from their suggestion for a “Britney Spears Sanity Watch Widget” during the show.  I’d add that to my blog.  More name ideas here.

Couple of notes before you watch: don’t expect great superbowl predictions.  The guys’ predictions would’ve been better if they knew who was playing.  Also, don’t poke Dan’s wife.  On facebook that is.  Dan, don’t feel bad…I joined facebook in the first place to keep and eye on who was poking my wife.  And now she’s pregnant.

Anyhow, here is the latest on  Channel9 videos, samples, bloggers, news, and much more.  Though how they missed our Silverlight Candidate Filter is a wonder to me.


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