We attended the career showcase at the University of Florida last week to snatch up some great talent.  In preparation for the even, Kelli and Dan, our creative and technical development directors, asked me what we had to use at the show.  Between the short notice and our general disdain for tradeshows, we didn’t have much to go on.  That is until I remembered our massive “pop-up” booth from the past.

This booth is truly a “trade” show booth, since we got it in trade for Web development services.  However, there is nothing “pop-up” about it.  Luckily we decided to do a test run the night before, just to remind ourselves how it goes up.  Thank God we did.  Imagine building the eiffel tower from springy tent poles, and then covering it in printed vinyl. 

So hats off to Kelli and Dan for not only helping me get that goliath up the night before, but for repeating the feat the next day!  The show was a success, and here are Kelli and Jodi, the development director of project management, to prove it.  Now if only they could figure out the iron! 🙂

352 Media trade show booth


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