Ektron CMS version 7.5One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in this business over the last 5 years is the adoption of the Content Management System, or CMS.  At first, they were used for specific areas of a site like the products or press releases.  Now, almost every site we put out has a robust CMS on the backend making it all work. 

We have a standard CMS that we use for many of our sites.  It’s perfect for a client who may change content every few weeks.  For clients that require a little more, we use a third-party tool from a company called Ektron.  Just this morning, Ektron let us know that we’re they’re partner of the month for December!  As such, they’ve added us to their Gold Partner status level.

This is a great feather in our cap, not only because Ektron is far and away the best CMS provider out there, but they work with some of the best Web development companies as you can see here (note the site doesn’t yet reflect our change to Gold).  To be featured amongst that company is an honor. 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ektron on a handful of projects now, and have been really impressed with what the tool can do.  We’ll have a chance to really utilize all the bells and whistles as we recently partnered with Ektron to win the Web development and CMS bid from the University of North Florida.  I’ll certainly post more about that site soon as work gets rolling. 

So hats off to our development team, and a big thanks to Ektron for the honor!


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