This week, 352 hosted Dawn Whaley, President of Sharecare, which is a digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place. Sharecare also helps providers, employers, and health plans effectively scale outcomes-based health and wellness solutions.  Kacie Lett Gordon, SVP of Strategy at 352, moderated this conversation, which included themes of adaptability, defining partnership, and serving communities. Below is a brief recap of the conversation:

Community as end user

Dawn and Kacie began their conversation by exploring how Sharecare is a uniquely positioned technology company within the healthcare space. Their platform is free to use for consumers but they drive revenue through large employers, health plans, and government to help them manage their populations’ health and wellbeing. 

Dawn talked about balancing the need to put people first – despite having multiple stakeholders with a desire to own the end user. “All stakeholders want to own the end user experience,” Dawn explained. “But when you embrace community care, it ends the conversation:

Then everyone is responsible for creating change that matters.

Vendor vs Partner

Within an unpredictable healthcare landscape due to Covid-19, Dawn shared that Sharecare’s leadership came together and focused on rapid response. They were able to see it as an opportunity to help people and provide more value within existing relationships with organizations. By embracing the entrepreneurial spirit that many leaders have within Sharecare, they cut through the uncertainty to provide innovative solutions, which resulted in being seen as a partner, not just a vendor.

When asked what Sharecare looks for in potential strategic partnerships, Dawn shared that after participating in 18 acquisitions she has experienced three main factors: a shared vision, business rationale for the acquisition, and the people at the organization.

Increasing data increases community visibility

One clear takeaway from this conversation was the power of information. Dawn discussed that in the age of information overload, Sharecare has prioritized providing easy-to-understand and accurate content as consumers actively research health topics. 

Dawn also encouraged individuals to contribute data points to help create real-time insights into trends happening within the community. “We need to continue contributing data, so we understand what is happening and when,” said Dawn. The need for real-time data has never been more relevant as we continue to solve for improving access to healthcare and monitoring Covid-19.

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