Friday was popular long before Rebecca Black butchered the world’s favorite day of the week in her song. But the promise of two days off from work (in theory) isn’t the only reason people look forward to it. In the Twitterverse, Friday brings #FollowFriday, the one day a week where your stream is filled with suggestions on who else to follow. What began as a small experiment in January 2009 has now led to an international event, one that makes Friday that much more enjoyable.
Still, I’ve always questioned the effectiveness of Follow Friday, so it’s been something that I’ve refrained from doing, mainly because I don’t want people to think I’m cluttering up their stream. It’s no doubt something that the majority of Twitter users do, but is it something that gets even a little bit of traction? How often do you actually follow someone, who you don’t know, who your followers recommend? So, naturally, I polled my followers and got as differing opinions as the people themselves:

While we likely won’t be able to agree on if Follow Friday’s are effective from this impromptu poll, we did glean some insight into some do’s and do not’s:

    • DO give a reason why people should follow them.
    • DO NOT just make a list of people.
    • DO recognize people you’ve interacted with.
    • DO NOT go overboard. 1-2 is enough.
    • DO be polite. If someone gives you a #FF, reply to them.
    • DO NOT recommend someone you don’t follow. That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? 

What do you think about Follow Friday? Do you follow people your followers recommend?


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