Be careful…I think the cell phone companies are monitoring this blog post. I’m sure of it. They’re watching what you’re reading and sending that information back to their massive data farms full of your browsing history. OK, maybe not, but reading about mobile (and Web) development news this past month might have you thinking that. Let’s look back, shall we?

Everyone Sued Over Carrier IQ: Apple, Android Makers, Phone Carriers – Via Mashable
It may seem harmless enough – the carriers want to find out what you’re doing so they can improve service. Try selling that to a public that questions the moon landing. Everyone is up in arms about anonymous data-mining, and now the lawyers are involved.

Damn You Auto Correct Reveals 9 Funniest Texts of the Year – Via Mashable
This should lighten the mood. Fake or not, these auto-corrections are a fantastic read. It’ll make you think twice before hitting send on your next text.

HP: WebOS Is Now an Open Source Project – Via Mashable
This is a pretty big deal, especially for all those lucky shoppers who picked up HP’s tablet in the $99 fire sale. But will WebOS ever take on iOS or Android? Time will tell.

Will the Windows App Store entice Apple’s defecting developers? – Via ZDNet
Word on the street is that Microsoft will be giving Windows app developers a bigger slice of the pie than Apple, but that only matters if there are as many customers at the table. But with Windows 8 looking app-driven, that audience could get much bigger.

Make the most of your mobile Web site – Via ZDNet
ZDnet offers up some tips for optimizing the mobile experience. My biggest takeaway, don’t try to replicate everything on the mobile side. Just focus on what people on the go need to see.

How to Design the Best Navigation Bar for Your Website – Via Mashable
Shameless plug alert: this one is from our own design guru, Daniel Alves. Daniel gives some awesome tips for improving navigation across your site, including some cool technologies that you can employ. Also this month, Daniel wrote about…

9 Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website – Via Mashable
Another great topic that everyone who manages a website should read. Daniel talks about how to increase your conversion numbers by clearly relating information to your visitors. A must read.

Silverlight hits 5.0, Microsoft silent as to its future – Via Engadget
Microsoft is firmly in the HTML5 camp, but what does that mean for its own browser plugin, Silverlight? Endgadget tries to make sense of it all in this piece, centered around the latest launch from Redmond.

What’s in (and missing from) Microsoft’s latest batch of Azure cloud updates – Via ZDNet
And speaking of the software giant, Microsoft put out a big update to their cloud platform, Azure. What does it mean for developers? Also, what’s missing?

What the World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like at Launch – Via Mashable
And how about a fun one to end with…take a look at some of the biggest names on the Web in their infancy. I don’t think any of these would win design awards. But how about google? Not a big change in the grand scheme of things.

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