It’s been a whirlwind of a year in 2011 for SEO, and while it largely can be summed up by one word, Panda, what has happened this year has changed the landscape of SEO and digital marketing forever. In fact, SEO and PPC are the most highly sought-after skills for a marketer, so it seems that companies have finally caught on that like social media, SEO isn’t a fad and it is critical for getting your online presence up to snuff. Since there was just too much top news from 2011, here’s what you missed just this last month in SEO and Web marketing.

YouTube Redesign Calls for Video Search Engine Optimization Services via SEJ
YouTube is the second largest search engine, but there are far fewer people using it to reach their target audience than there are watching David at the Dentist. Its redesign ushers in great opportunity for you to better optimize your videos to be found.

Google Analytics Unrolls a Shiny, New API via Search Engine Watch
I’m still lukewarm about the design changes to Google Analytics; OK I lie, I absolutely hate them. But the new Core Reporting API that comes with them is a developer’s dream.

Let it Snow, Google via Google

I live in the Florida where we don parkas if it drops below 65. The chances of me seeing a white Christmas are essentially nonexistent, but Google at least tries to send some that fluffy white stuff south. Sit back, search “let it snow,” and start getting in that holiday spirit.

The Marriage of Web Writing and User Experience via Econsultancy
There’s more to SEO than just playing by Google’s rules to get you to your site. If you can’t deliver what your users want, they’ll leave. Good content writing and an even better user experience are paramount if you plan on doing something with that traffic.

Zeitgeist 2011: How the World Searched via Google Zeitgeist 2011
Year-end reviews are always a little cliche, but I love seeing the top searches from 2011. This year, Google Zeitgeist added some snazzy data visualization that helps you put the numbers into perspective. 

Google’s “Not Provided” Referrals Growing in Percentage via Web Pro News
In October, Google announced that it would now default to secure search when users were logged into their account, thus disabling transferring any data on how they navigate your site, including the keyword they used to get there. It seems to be affecting nearly 30% of all searches, instead of the less than 10% Google estimated in October. 

Paid Search Drives $6 in Local Sales For Every $1 in Online Sales via Search Engine Land
AdWords isn’t just bringing sales to your e-commerce website: It’s bringing sales to your brick and mortar store, too. Collecting 2 years of data, RevTrax found that “for every $1 of e-commerce revenue generated from paid search, marketers can expect to see approximately another $6 of in-store revenue.”

4 Ways Mobile Should Change Your SEO Strategy via Inc.
In less than 3 years, mobile Internet users will exceed desktop users. Hopefully you already have a mobile version of your site, but this shift will also drastically change the way people search and the way customers will reach you. Are you prepared?

A Tale of Two Studies: Google vs. Bring Click-Through-Rate via SEOmoz
You can argue all you want about which one is the better search engine, but numbers don’t lie. Google has about double the click through rate of Bing for the top positions. Still, something is to be said that more people are converting on Bing results than Google results. 

Bing Cracks 15% of Search Share as Google,Yahoo Dip via comScore
Oh snap, Google. You may have higher click through rate, but Bing has seen a consistent increase in search engine market share over the last few months. If you’re just focusing on Google for your SEO campaign, you’re not doing enough.

What else happened this month in SEO and Web marketing?


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