The least productive days in the work year just got a little more, um, less productive.  CBS, which broadcasts the NCAA college basketball tournament and has had some video online in the past, has every game online this year.  If you ask me, it’s even better than watching on TV, where they choose which game to show you.  Here, you control the show.  Which means I’ve gotten little done today.

Yesterday I posted about the effectiveness of video ads online.  CBS has done a great job with this, by putting corresponding banner ads next to the video during the commercial breaks.  Talk about a great call to action!  Normally an advertiser wants you to leave the TV and go to your computer or phone to take the next steps.  Here, it’s just a click away.  Ingenious.

Also ingenious is the “boss” button, which you can press when your boss comes over to your desk. Hitting the button will replace the video feed with a spreadsheet.

Some companies (mean companies, not fun to work for like 352 Media) are blocking the content on their networks.  So instead of workers being unproductive due to the video, they’ll be unproductive either listening to the radio or calling in sick to go to hooters.  If you’re like me, you can put the video in your second browser and still get a lot done. 

More on the IT KGB-style tactics here.

So enjoy the coverage on CBS sports, home of the talented Amber Wilson (see recent video update below).  Can’t get enough Amber?  Check out our homepage for more!

BTW, thanks for nothing Georgia.  I thought the dream would live one more day.  It’s now Georgetown’s to lose (since my Gators, who beat them the last two years, aren’t in their way this time around).


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