Alright, many people already know this but it came to my attention just the other day that not everyone does.  It started out with the childlike amazement from one of my coworkers as if they just won a spelling bee.  What happened you ask? Well, they dawned upon the wonders of CTRL-Tab. 

So incase you don’t know, an easy way to move between tabs in Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (as well as many other programs) is to use CTRL-Tab.  You can easily navigate to one of the many other files you may be working on or even hold the CTRL key down after you press TAB once to choose which file you want to have focused. 

It pretty much works like ALT-Tab, except for the current program.  Oh yeah, CTRL-F4 works in the same light. 

I will warn you though, once you start using it, you will find yourself getting it confused with ALT-Tab.  I still occasionally hit CTRL-Tab to move to another window on my desktop.  Anyway, enjoy the new tip, unless it is not a new tip and you are annoyed you just read something that you already know about.  If so, perhaps leave a comment like “fake” or something else that will show your great years of wisdom.


Peter is a software developer at 352.