Here are some content tips I share with my clients;  I’ve had many sites that were “stuck” in development and all that needed to be wrapped up was content.  I always try to encourage my clients to provide their content in advance.

Content/Navigation Tips

• Get your point across first. Since 79 percent of all Web users scan a page before actually reading anything, make sure your point is obvious.

•Bold words, bulleted lists, informational graphics and meaningful headlines will be obvious to the user and easy to find.

• Pages and content should be short and concise. Internet users have very short attention spans. Several short pages are better than a few long pages.

 • Navigation should be intuitive and simple. Calls–to-action should be prominent. Make it easy for users to take the action you desire (such as buying your products or filling out a contact form).

• Your home page is your customers’ first impression – make it memorable! Put your most important information on your home page to catch users’ attention and draw them further into the site.

 • Your organization’s contact information should be prominent and easy to find on your Web site. Nothing is more frustrating (and less effective) than a Web site that makes it difficult to contact the organization that it represents.
 • Your content affects your search engine results. Be sure to include the phrases and keywords you want to be found under in your actual content. Also, the more content the better! A lot of keyword-rich content will improve your search engine results and gets visitors to your site.

• Avoid having the navigation for your site as flash since this will not help with SEO. 


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