ACEL logoI’m really excited that I’ve been asked to be a panelist at ShowACEL: Social Media–Beyond the Basics. The event is being put on by ACEL, the Alachua County Emerging Leaders group. It’s a great group of young professionals spanning many industries and backgrounds. I’m going to talk about some of the campaigns we’ve done, and then will join the other panelists for a Q&A session. Here is the summary from ACEL’s Facebook page about the event:

There’s no doubt that social media is everywhere. Heck, you’re reading this message on Facebook, right? Many organizations want to jump on the social media bandwagon, and this ShowACEL is designed to teach businesses and nonprofits how make that leap with their eyes open.A panel of informative and entertaining speakers will discuss the social media best practices they use in their organizations, including the platforms that work best for for their messages, what makes good content,

how to engage customers and how to communicate during a crisis.Panelists include ACEL Secretary Bruce Floyd; ACEL Marketing and Communications Chair Colleen Raccioppi; Ben Westermann-Clark, Grooveshark; and Peter VanRysdam, 352 Media.Refreshments will be served, and we will be soliciting questions for the panelists live via Twitter during the event. Look for more information to come about this.Admission is FREE for ACEL members, and $10 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased at

Should be a good time. I hope you can join us to network with others in the county and learn a little along the way! 


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