I usually try to avoid political discussions because they only seem to drum up petty fights that no one is going to win. However I think everyone can agree that Steven Colbert running for President is raising a few eyebrows on both sides. The catch is, he might have a chance, and the even bigger catch is the government is worried.

It seems that the FEC among others are concerned Colbert is going to have an impact on the elections. *what a shock!* The guy is a media genius. He targets his demographics with precision and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a good chunk of votes in South Carolina (the only state he is running). As ABC is reporting, the FEC is looking into the sponsorship of Comedy Central (his network) and Doritos (his corporate sponsor) to see if he is violating federal law.

The whole thing is great because at the end of the day he is still making a mockery of an already messed up system. If you want to read more about his run for president, read the links below.

ABC: Colbert’08 No Joke

Colbert’s Campaign Site (I think we could help him there)


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