I’m a HUGE music lover…folk, “real” hip hop, soul, funk, classic rock, blues, punk rock, jazz, afro beat, old skool country…you name it…and I probably have it on my iPOD.  In fact, my 30 GB iPOD gets too full that I have to delete music to add new music!?

This past weekend, in Gainesville, FL I checked out Chuck Ragan at Common Grounds Coffee House (one of the best venues in town in my opinion) and he rocked my socks off!!!! Ragan opened his set with just him, an acoustic guitar and harmonica….his raspy voice and rhythmic strums mesmerized me…two other musicians later accompanied him, one guy with a banjo and another with a violin (instruments which you don’t see often).

Ragan was previously one of the lead singers for one of Gainesville’s successful bands, Hot Water Music (a great punk rock band that disbanded in 2006, but recently confirmed the band has reunited and will be playing some shows in the near future).

For some folk music that’s will soothe your soul, check out his tunes and Web site at You might dig him….or you might not…either way, I was so stoked about seeing such a talented musican perform this weekend that I wanted to share. 


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