Today I was looking for a website that we launched recently so I could review it for a presentation I’m giving later today, I typed what I thought was the correct URL into Internet explorer. I spelled it incorrectly by one letter not a huge mistake and I’m sure that many others would make the same error, my spelling is not the best but this amplified by Merriam-Webster US dictionary vs. The Oxford English dictionary.

Examples of the difference

US – (English) / Ireland (English)

Color – Colour

Check – Cheque

Program – Programme

Tire – Tyre

There are a ton of others  so when recieveing mails from me you may see viariations in the spelling.

Now if I didn’t double check this link, I may have added a XXX rated link to a client presentation.

Here’s the tip – You should really check all possible variations of your domain name in case of spelling mistakes, mis-typed URLs etc. So that your URL is not similar to other URLs that may not be suitable  for a general audience.


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