The response to our company Web site’s video hosts has been tremendous to say the least.  Not only do we get compliments and sales leads as a result of our homepage video almost daily, but our company page won best in show at the Gainesville Advertising Federation’s annual Addy Awards!

So a few weeks back we went back in front of the green screen to film a few more.  We asked several of our staff who have been with us for awhile to partake, and the result was great.  Sure, we’re not going to win any oscars for our work, but we hope to win a few more clients.

We’re launching the videos in stages as they’re complete.  First up is the video from Pete Bernardo, one of our business analysts.  He now sits proudly atop the “our clients” page of our site.  Pete did a great job.  Make sure you watch the entire clip.

We also launched another cool addition today to our existing video hosts on our site.  Before today, you’d get the video everytime you came to the site.  Most people didn’t seem to mind, especially those who wanted to show friends or colleagues.  However some did express concern, which we took to heart.  In fact, here is one such comment to one of my other posts:

By Designer t-shirts
I’d say your website is sad (I bet you care for it more then you care about what Americans search on the web). Anyway, here’s a suggestion: On your home page where you have Amber Wilson flash I have a suggestion. I listened to the whole thing and I like the idea of having her there, it’s cool, yes, but not that fact that I have to listen to her now every time I come to your home page. I happened to look at your home page more then once, actually about 4 times, and each time it would start playing her again and again. Why don’t you use some cookie or whatever to remember that I already viewed the presentation by Amber? And yeah, if you delete this post, I will become sad, very sad. Don’t do it. I will come back tomorrow and check.

See, not only did I not delete your comment (not sure why you think I would), but I actually took it to heart (and gave you a free link…you’re welcome).  Constructive criticism is fantastic and always appreciated.

Anyhow, we were originally hesitant to put a cookie on the video for a few reason, but Brandon Mitchell, one of our designers and video experts was able to come up with a good solution.  He wrote some code that install a cookie after you’ve watched 10 seconds of the home page video.  However the cookie expires after 30 days.  That way if you come to our site all the time, you won’t get the video (as long as you’ve watched 10 seconds in the past).  But if you come less than once a month, you get to see Amber again. 

The same goes for the other video on the “our clients” and “our company” pages, but after 20 seconds in.  This is such a cool feature we’re actually planning to add it to our Web Video Host Packages that we offer.

So let me know what you think of the new video, and keep those great suggestions coming!


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