This one is almost too funny to believe.  On Tuesday, Google’s Custom Search Blog, which is run by the search engine’s staff, was flagged by Google as spam and deleted.  To make matters worse, someone scooped up the domain and decided to keep the blog alive with this post:

“Google Custom Search, is the wonderful product from Google which many webmasters have been looking and dream for,” Srikanth wrote. ” Also Google Custom Search is integrated with Ad-sense, which means make money while keeping users on your site for longer time with custom search engine…. Good Luck for all the Custom Search customers(??).”

Wow.  Well written.  Apparently someone at Google ignored a notice from themselves, and that’s how this came about.  But as of today, the blog is back in business.  So apparently, yes, you can spam yourself.  A classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing, and then apparently chopping off the left hand and re attaching it a day later after someone else tried to use the hand as their own. 

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