So I got an email from Apple “Find out what your iPod can do.” One of the offerings that caught my eye was “H2O Audio for iPod”, a waterproof housing for your iPod, I thought what a great idea when I go swimming maybe, I can do three laps instead of one. As I would have, motivational music such as the Dead Kennedy’s keeping me going. Or when I go jogging as it’s always raining here in Michigan I wouldn’t  ruin, what is now an important piece of kit that I take everywhere, as I listen to endless pod casts.  

Im personally im not a huge music fan I got my iPod so I could put movies and audio books etc… on it for long flights back to Ireland which hasn’t happened, my friends now have seen the joys that the US can offer them, so they come here now.  

So anyway music and work, personally I cant have any background noises at all when I work it drives me nuts, But lots of people in the office listen to music while working, whatever floats your boat and allows you to get your job done more efficiently – im all for. If listening to music helps, you concentrate more or puts you in a better mood it’s a good thing.  

Which got me thinking how does the mood of the person or the music they listen effect their work, would a designer who is listening to a happy upbeat track design an positive stimulating website, or the reverse of that listening to depressing music the likes off Damien Rice make them design a website that clients just hate.  Are designers like actors that need to get into character before they start on a new design?  Do they specifically listen to different types of music to help their creative juices flow? I cannot imagine this would be applicable for programmer it scares the hell out of me to think how these professionals can write some of the applications from scratch that we provide to our clients.


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