I came in to my office this morning to find my copy of the BtoB Magazine, the magazine for marketing strategists, sitting on my desk with my mail. It’s a special edition, the marketers resource guide for 2010, which lists the best agencies by discipline along with the top advertisers. Well imagine my excitement when I flip open to the “Top Agencies” list and see 352 Media Group right on top! I almost dislocated my arm patting myself on the back so fast! 

Upon further investigation, it seems the list may be alphabetical. I looked for exceptions, but didn’t find any. However I couldn’t find anything that specifically said “listed alphabetically by name.” Granted I didn’t look very hard for fear of finding out I was wrong. My guess is it’s an amazing coincidence.

I didn’t need to look much further for confirmation we’re number one. The list of “Top Interactive Agencies” just a few pages later confirmed that. Looks like we bested everyone, A-Z! What a testament to our dedicated team. That, or our decision to start our company name with a number. 

I do encourage you to check out the full list on BtoB’s Web site. It is a great resource for advertisers to compare agencies.


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