As the unemployment rate soars above 8%, there are more and more jobseekers looking for fewer and fewer available positions.  Over the past few years more jobseekers have leveraged the Internet as a valuable component of their career search.  This trend will not only increase but accelerate given today’s trying economic times.  In response to the increase of Internet usage to facilitate career searches, many successful “job sites” have been created and have thrived.  Terms like “Monster” no longer remind people of a 50’s B Movies, but remind them of an Internet site.

The mega-job sites have in many ways become victims of their own success.  There are so many jobseekers posting on the mega sites it is easy for someone to get lost in the shuffle.  From an employer’s standpoint, searching proactively for qualified candidates on these sites is hard because of the sheer volume of jobseekers posting their information.  A second issue that these mega job sites pose is that they are generalists.  One size fits all regardless of career path.  In certain industries, a different type of information is needed specific to that industry in order for a HR professional to make informed decisions.

Enter BRAGfolio (, a new web site recently launched by the 352 Media Group that targets the Pharmaceutical industry vertical.  BRAGfolio is the culmination of the vision of its Founder and CEO, Jeff Stahl.  The term BRAGfolio is derived from the term Brag Book which is a common term used in the pharmaceutical industry.  A Brag Book is dossier of a pharmaceutical sales reps experience and accomplishments.  Typical Brag Books contain a cover letter, resume, references, head shots, awards and certifications.  BRAGfolio allows a pharmaceutical sales rep to bring the traditional hard copy Brag Book into the digital age.   Jobseekers can create a free profile on BRAGfolio, upload their resume, create a cover letter, uploaded reference documents, upload a headshot and scanned images of awards and certifications.  They can also input demographic and geographic information in order to make it easier for potential employers to find just the right candidate in the right market to fit their needs.

In addition to using the site to as a stand alone mechanism for their career search, a unique URL is generated for each jobseeker and their Brag Book.  Jobseekers can post this URL on social and career networking sites (Myspace, facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse, etc.) or include it in an email to potential employers.  BRAGfolio takes a pharmaceutical sales reps career search to a whole new level and will raise the bar on what is expected out of a career site.  If you read today’s papers or follow the news, BRAGfolio is the right idea at just the right time.



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