It’s been a whirlwind week, and it’s only Thursday. We have three big things going on with Microsoft this week. The first was the launch of Microsoft Expression 4, which I blogged about on Monday. We designed the website for the product, which is getting rave reviews at Very cool site with a bunch of Silverlight interactions. To cap off the announcement at Internet Week in NYC, Microsoft threw a bash at an awesome venue, which was actually a converted synagogue. Check out the pictures…it was amazing!

But that was just one of the cool things going on with 352 Media Group and Microsoft this week. The second was the launch of WEI Share. Non-geeks, bear with me. On Windows 7 of Vista computers, your machine has a Windows Experience Index, or WEI, based on your harddrive, memory, RAM, drivers, etc. Us geeks like to have the coolest stuff, so the WEI score is a sort of nerd pissing match. Up until now, you’ve had to take someone’s word if they say their score is a 7, for example. Well not anymore. As part of, we were asked by Microsoft to create the WEI Share application. It is available at, and uses WPF and Silverlight to run a scan of your system. From there, your score is posted to the website, and you can also share it on Facebook. Here’s a screen cap of the site, and then my terrible score below (scores are compiled based on the lowest score over all the components. Basically it’s a weakest link thing):

The tool launched at Microsoft’s TechEd in New Orleans this week. The video about it can be seen here: (it’s the first segment of the video). And speaking of TechEd, that brings me to the third cool thing this week. Evan, one of our business analysts, will be on stage at TechEd later today to talk about 352 Media’s role in the cannon. We designed the user interface for the Windows Phone 7 app, which was unveiled at Microsoft’s MIX conference.

So all in all, a great week of launches, parties, and live demos. Go team!


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