For a long time there have been those in our office who have lobbied for a dog policy. Something, anything to allow them to bring beloved pooches and poochettes into the office so that their warm cuddly doggie goodness can triumph in the face of workplace stress.

And, ok, I have to admit I’m one of them. But my dog is cute (when he’s not freaking out from separation anxiety and eating couches and doors and walls and things) so I allow myself the opinion that a dog policy can be a good thing in an office rather than a bad one….

Then today I read about what happens when you are a company who is dumb enough to leave a small server on a floor accessible rack without any sort of doors or other controls to keep out the people and things that should be kept out.

Such as puppies, who will pee on your server and shut down your business.

Why then, you’re simply known as Action Tools out of Lancaster. And man, I don’t want to be you!


Caroline Blake is a Partner in 352 and a member of the company's senior leadership team. As a 17-year veteran, Caroline oversees the company's finances, accounting and employee benefits. She is also a Certified Scrum Master and has lead several departments within 352 during her tenure.