It’s hot, we get it. But the temperature hasn’t been the only thing that’s heating up this month. From Panda (finally) being officially released worldwide and Google’s update to their image algorithm to a possible infinite scrolling feature in search engines and removal of third-party reviews in local listings, it’s been a hot month for SEO and Web marketing with Google being the biggest headline generator. Take a look at some of the top stories this month while I go back to sippin’ my pina colada. 

Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility via Google Blog
OSX beware. In a rare move, search engine giant is venturing into uncharted waters and buying a hardware company to supercharge the Android platform. So, after all these years and all these rumors, talks of a purely Google phone don’t seem so far fetched anymore. Just wait to see what affect this has on mobile and local SEO.

Google Images Improves Relevancy & Quality Algorithm via Search Engine Land
Image owners have been complaining of sites outranking them with their stolen images for years, and Google has finally done something about it by improving the relevancy and quality of their image algorithm. You’ll now start seeing more images surfacing the original source, which makes an even bigger push to properly optimize your images.

Panda Goes Global  via Search Engine Journal
If you’re like me, you’re probably sick about hearing about Panda, Google’s latest and biggest algorithm update aimed at docking sites with duplicate, low quality content. It’s been hinted at since February, and finally, it’s now rolled out globally in a variety of additional languages. Can we please get on with our lives?

PPC Marketing: 10 Killer Tips For Better ROI via American Express Open Forum
I’ve always had some doubts when it comes to PPC marketing. Why pay for clicks when, with a little elbow grease, you can get the same ones for free? But there is some good to come out of PPC — like seeing exactly which keywords are converting for you. These 10 tips will help you make sure your ROI stays strong so you’re not overspending per click.

The Periodic Table of SEO Rankings Factors via Search Engine Land
I wouldn’t say Internet marketers are as quirky as chemists, but it’s pretty close. Case in point with the new Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors that explains in depth what exactly you need to do to get No. 1. I may or may not have already downloaded it to hang on my wall.

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Page Numbers: Google & Infinite Scrolling Feature – via Bruce Clay
Endless scrolling is not a new idea. Just ask Facebook or Twitter. But on Google when you’re defined as having something “Page 1,” what’s going to happen when everything is on page 1? It looks like it’s still in testing for the infinite scrolling feature, but this could change the way Internet marketers measure successes.

Google Overhauls Place Pages, Emphasizes Reviews and Kills Citations via Search Engine Land
If you’re a local business, your Google Places page is your bread and butter. But you may have noticed recently that your reviews were halved and your rankings dropped. Coming under flack from Yelp, TripAdvistor and Citysearch, Google has removed all third-party reviews form their local ranking results.

Website Load Time Impacts Google Rank. Paying Google Improves This via 352 Media
Google has said it themselves that page speed is a factor in your rankings. Now they’ve released a service that will optimize your site’s page load speed for you. Coincidence? 
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