At 352 Inc., we are always thrilled to share our insights with the innovation community. Our VP of Innovation and Design, Robert Berris, will participate in a panel discussion about innovation culture at the Atlanta Innovation Wave 2018. Hosted by Atlanta Technology Professionals, the event will be held at Roam Perimeter Center from 6-8pm on August 14th, 2018.

Bringing together Atlanta’s most dynamic tech leaders, panelists will include notable officials from UPS, WorldPay, and the Metro Atlanta Chamber. In an open forum, the group will discuss the importance of adopting a culture of innovation.


Jen is a bridge between clients and 352 teams—helping to drive client value while ensuring an amazing experience. She meets with clients to deeply understand their overarching challenges and needs and then activates the right 352 team members with the right set of skills, expertise and insights to produce the best results.

A nurturer at heart, she knows how to bring people together to propel innovation, growth and digital development. Recognizing how great 352 does innovation attracted her to the company. She’s worked with several well-known brands to launch and unveil new products. She spent six years working with Coca-Cola on a variety of marketing and branding initiatives and helped Kimberly-Clark reinvent Kleenex tissues by shifting its association with sickness to becoming a symbol of care. She also worked with Verisign to globally reposition four of their top level domains including .com and .net.

She credits her background in theater and English degree from Wofford College for giving her passion and expertise for telling stories that capture humanity—and guiding clients on how to engage an audience through storytelling.

When not working, Jen enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, Chianti, and attending Atlanta United FC soccer games.