When people hear “artificial intelligence,” they typically jump to thoughts of psychotic computers and killer robots with Austrian accents. Luckily, the realities of AI are much less threatening. In fact, you probably interact with an AI every day.

In this episode, we break apart fact and fiction, and get you thinking about how AI can benefit your business.

Transcript below.


[Bob Hanley:] Hi everybody, my name is Bob. I’m a software developer here at 352 Inc., and I’m here today to talk to you guys today about artificial intelligence, fiction, fact and practical applications. It’s a little bit different from what we normally do, so let’s just dive right in. First off, get some things out of the way: fiction. A lot of people think of artificial intelligence, they think of their sci-fi movies: far-flung future, Year 3000 stuff. Not even close. You think robotics, you know, something out of “Moon”, or “Space Odyssey”, not even close. And then there is the ever popular, AI is going to kill everybody. We can thank Arnold for that one. Also, not going to happen, total fiction. So, what we’re really going to talk about here is some of the actual, factual side of artificial intelligence.
So, first off, you use it in your everyday life. If you’ve got a Netflix subscription, you are interacting with artificial intelligence. Every time they recommend a movie, and you throw your stars in there, it’s learning how to better give you recommendations, and that’s artificial intelligence in a nutshell.On top of that, AI is only ever going to do what it is created to do. If somebody writes AI to solve a maze, it’s not going to turn around and learn how to make pancakes, it’s not going to turn around and learn how to stab you in the back. These things are not stuff you have to worry about. It’s only going to do what we need to do.So, based on that, we’ve got a practical application, just to give you an idea of how a business could potentially use artificial intelligence, when they’re not right now. So, the big thing is, say you are running a huge supermarket chain, like Publix, and your managers in the store are spending an hour every week creating their schedule, and they are taking into account availability, they are taking in vacation days, you know, Tommy doesn’t like to work on Friday nights because of the football games, and Sarah is always going to the beach on the weekends, so she’s crafting her schedule around those factors.With artificial intelligence, you can design a piece of software that would do the same thing. Over time, as people switch their shifts, change their availability, call in sick, it would learn how best to craft the schedule for you so that way you don’t have to worry about all those switching and you don’t have to worry about your manager knowing all the little nuances, as people take care of that themselves through the computer, the AI would be able to give you an easy, reliable schedule, and that frees up time for your manager. If it’s an hour a week, that’s about 6 1/2 days of
productivity time that they can get just be implementing a small piece of artificial intelligence into their standard work week.So, just think on that and thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to 352 Inc.s YouTube channel and we’ll talk to you next time.


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