Today I got group request via facebook, when I saw it was an invitation to join the “ArbCamp 2008” group, I got very excited, because I attended the 2007 event, and it was incredible. I had not seen anything like it before (well in the US anyway), marketing students where furiously taking notes as Derek Mehraban from Ingenex Digital,  gave a lecture on web marketing. There were groups of people chatting about — Mobile web, SEO Tactics, Getting Attention in Social Media, Outsourcing, Startup Funding, and a bunch of other exciting topics. This was social networking on steroids, one hundred, plus likeminded people, who had so many interesting things to say, all from different companies and all with a different spin on how their companies went about creating web projects.

Sorry Derek — I plagiarized this from the Facebook Group

ArbCamp is modeled after Open Space Technology meetings, with a self-structuring agenda and a core principle of adaptability. Our goal is to get techies, marketers, publishers, musicians, filmmakers, businesspeople, poets and academics engaged with one another for a few intense hours. Everybody who attends will set the agenda for the day, with food, meeting spaces, and a basic schedule provided.

ArbCamp is about creating community: the most important part of what we’ll do is discover how we can work with each other.

The annual Arbcamp event goes into its second year. This two-day conference is focused on the theme of Publishing: Digital, Print, Media…

Arbcamp is for anyone in publishing, whether book publishing, news media, web development, music publishing, digital publishing, printing, marketing, blogging, podcasting, film production, social media, and more.

October 18-19. 9AM – 5PM both days. Events may extend into the evening.

Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College 4700 East Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 (see google map)

Arbcamp is an annual event focused around the idea of making cool things happen in Ann Arbor. Last year’s Arbcamp had over 100 people. This year’s event has been extended to two days and looks to bring over 200 people to southeast Michigan.

Arbcamp 2008 official site (still under construction, you can see the 2007 site here

ArbCamp was especially interesting to me because I had just moved to Michigan from Florida and I had no understanding of the local web scene. I had moved from one University town where 352 was by far the largest web development company, to another University town that I knew nothing about – I was standing on the shoulders of giants, I was on a mission – to do in Michigan as other relocated account managers had done in Florida, Atlanta, and Seattle. It is proving harder than I thought, we have some very smart people up here, but I will not back down!! The economy will change and I will be here waiting to embrace it.

I have ArbCamp to thank because I got the opportunity to associate myself with the very rich talents of my fellow Brickyard tenants

Derek Mehraban — CEO Ingenex Digital Marketing

Ross Johnson – CEO 3point7designs

Brian Kerr – CEO @ Different Chairs

Andrew Miller – CEO @ Your Search Advisor

Dan Cooney – CEO @ Cooney Information Group

Bill Merrill – Principal @ Gordian Labs

If you live in Michigan or surrounding area’s and you have even the smallest interest in the web related technologies get yourself down to this event, it is absolutely amazing.


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