Last weekend was Ann Arbor start up weekend, I was to take part but I forgot even though Derek  and I had chatted about it Thursday and I had noted to one of ingenex’s interns not to miss it.

What is Start up Weekend — Startup Weekend recruits a highly motivated group of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more to a 54 hour event that builds communities, companies and projects.

More than 100 bright, talented people will come together to develop and launch 10-12 companies in one marathon weekend. Friday night, the group will vote on ideas and choose the top dozen or so. After that, each participant will choose an idea/team to work on and spend the rest of the weekend putting everything together for a launch. When all is said and done, each participant will be a co-founder with an ownership interest in at least one honest-to-goodness startup.

Now I have my own spin on this idea as it is very impressive, young entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this type of  session, which will be discussed with PVR our VP of marketing before I open it up to the public.

I arrived on Sunday morning and watched all the people working away, setting their new companies.  However, I wanted to draw your attention to 2 companies that came out of the mix, Derek and Ross who I share office space with in Ann Arbor. (Sorry Dan I am not sure which project you were part off, let me know and I will add it here).

Nudge is a text message appointment-reminder service for small business. Small businesses will be able to send reminders via text message so that their clients/customers don’t miss their appointments. Nudge will provide a low-cost, easy to use system to help mitigate revenue loss due to missed appointments. Nudge has launched in a private beta and will be completing their corporate organizational paperwork this week.

Market Monitor is a tool for consultants, designers, and other service providers whose customers want to optimize their website ranking on major search engines based on keyword analytics. It is an affordable but robust tool which produces real-time reports. Market Monitor is in beta.

Both sites are still in beta however  you can go to and sign up to be notified when the site is fully launched.


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