Let Alec Baldwin Play Words With FriendsSo Alec Baldwin is the spokesperson for the CapitalOne Venture card. Presumably they give him millions for his ads. I noticed in the most recent one, he makes a nod to his recent run in with a stewardess where he was booted off the plane for playing Zynga’s Word’s With Friends after the boarding door closed. Unlike CapitalOne, Zynga didn’t pay Baldwin for his stunt. However I’d venture to say the result was much more exposure than any ad Zynga would’ve run.

That got me thinking, which is rare, so I started taking notes. What if, as a small company with a limited marketing budget, you simply paid a celebrity to screw up while using your product? You save on television production costs, taxes, editing, time, catering…you get the picture. Seems like a great way to advertise, and there really aren’t any ramifications for the celebrity. With that in mind, here are some other logical pairings I would like to see happen, which are all, at this moment, simply hypothetical of course:

1.       Authorities Arrest Lindsay Lohan for Sleeping on the New Fiat

“It was very comfortable on the outside, so I can only imagine how spacious and comfortable it would be if I were inside it,” Lohan might say. This would be a testament to the vehicles security features as well, for keeping the ex-con on the outside. The estimated advertising value to Fiat: $2.7mm*


2.       Conan O’Brien Tossed From Nightclub for Bringing In Mug Rootbeer

“I just can’t stand the mixers they use here,” Conan could say. “Mug has a flavor that takes me back to my childhood, and mixes well with bourbon.” A “Mug and Makers” would become the go to drink, replacing “Jack and Coke” at the top of the list. The estimated advertising value to Mug Rootbeer: $13.4mm


3.       Snooki Saved From Drowing By Sleep Number Mattress

Not only was it buoyant, but it conformed to my body,” Snooki would exclaim as she was pulled from the surf after falling off the end of a pier whilst texting. Lucky for her, a cargo ship full of the revolutionary mattresses was heading past at the right moment. The estimated advertising value to Sleep Number: $4.3mm


4.       Local Hero Throws Starbucks Caramel Macchiato at Spencer Pratt

Crowds would cheer the man for sacrificing $4.75 for the sake of ruining Pratt’s Ed Hardy shirt. Spencer Pratt could be replaced by Jon Gosselin. The Macchiato could also be replaced with a can of Hormel Turkey Chili. The estimated advertising value to Starbucks: $9.8mm ($3.6mm if it were an iced beverage).

*Calculations based on randomly pushing number keys on my keyboard

What did I miss? What are other natural product/celebrity marriages?



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