352 Inc. Wins The Opportunity To Build a New Website for an Agile-focused Nonprofit with
the Goal of Increasing User Engagement and Time Savings 

ATLANTA – 352 Inc is proud to announce its recent engagement with Agile Alliance to create a new user-centered design and customized functionality for the nonprofit organization. Agile Alliance works to advance agile development technique while supporting those who use the practices to make the software profession more productive, humane and sustainable. 352’s team plans to update the nonprofit’s website with a user-centered design that will allow it to connect with its audience and reflect the essence of the Agile Alliance mission.

“In seeking a partner to develop a new Web presence and better serve the Agile community, 352 immediately impressed us with their skill, detailed plan, and passion for the Agile development process,” said Phil Brock, Managing Director, Agile Alliance. “We’re thrilled to be working with them to bring our vision and passion to life.”

With a clear mission and growing user base, is excited to move forward with 352 to modernize its user experience with content and page updates. Utilizing WordPress as the site’s core framework, 352 will be able to easily build and maintain different types of content and content areas on New user discovery and research data will help 352 create a website that will aid in establishing a connection between everyday users and Agile Alliance’s corporate membership. The new site will also use third-party plugins to enable an easy-to-use account management section and registration capabilities for future events, a time-saving bonus for the Agile Alliance staff.

”This new customer win with Agile Alliance is even more significant for us due to the fact that 352 is also an agile shop,” said Geoff Wilson, president of 352 Inc. “We’re honored that we get to play a part in redesigning the site of a company that does such influential work in bringing awareness to the agile development process.”


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