I was reading the Irish news a few days ago on and I seen they had a new Tech news section the first link was “6th Digital Media Awards winners named” So I had a quick look and at

My problem(s) with this site –

1. I really don’t like full flash sites and especially Flash sites with stupid sound effects – each time I mouse over the enter button it makes a ridiculous noise like Harry Potters magic wand – Note to anyone thinking of adding sound effects to your site don’t – this is the website equivalent of having furry dice on your rear-view mirror, its true they are cool — but to a 2 year old that knows nothing better.

2. In the 2008 galley (hover over News & Press) click gallery 2008 then click awards.

            a. First problem – you put your mouse over the image and it displays the names of the winners over their faces.

            b. I click to zoom but I can’t — I must hit the click to Zoom text at the bottom right and it opens the image in a browser window (OMG even a person who has never designed a page before wouldn’t make this mistake).

            c. When you click through the 20 gallery images, there is no link back to the start.

3. When click on the winners 2008 page it give me 3 options and one of the them is “to view winners click here” so now I have to click another link – irritating — don’t have 2 clicks when you can use 1.

4. Once I click into the flash area to see the winners, I see some company names with underlined text which a normal person would assume they are links to the winning sites  but they’re not — again irritating.

it’s a perfect example of how not to design a site. and what makes it worse it’s a site to show off digital media.


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